Live-screenprinting, commissioned artworks and printed totebags (All handprinted!)
47 Malan Road, Gillman Barracks, Singapore
January 2016

SuperSegak was heavily involved in presenting the AIG room that showcased the process Warhol undertook to create his screenprinted portraits from using polaroids as references, working on acetate films and printing his silkscreened portraits both on canvas and papers. We were commissioned to print an Andy Warhol-inspired portrait of Ryan, the founder of The Ryan Foundation and the 4-colour handprinted canvas prints were put up as a feature to the Warhol technique. We also handprinted 200 ABSOLUT goodie bags in a gradient of pinks and blues. On the opening night, our artists were positioned in the centre of the gallery to  facilitate guests in screen-printing over 130 event posters.
This showcase was part of Singapore Art Week.

ANDY WARHOL: SOCIAL CIRCUS displays iconic polaroid photographs of personalities that inspired Warhol's screenprint. This was the largest collection of Warhol's Polaroids ever shown in Asia, presented by The Ryan Foundation.

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Picture Credit: The Ryan Foundation, SuperSegak


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